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With almost 200 job families in the rail industry, the A-Z provides a short description of the most common jobs found in the Australasian rail industry. Each job definition includes its job title, the main parts of the job, entrance requirements and necessary qualifications.

Boiler Maker

Works with heavy guage steer to construct and repair rolling stock wagons and perhaps bridges and girders. Requires a trade apprenticeship Cert III Engineering - Fabrication Trade.

Brake Mechanic

Diagnoses faults and repairs, replaces or overhauls the parts of disc, drum or power brake systems used on all types of motor vehicles. They also test the parts. Requires a Cert III trade apprenticeship in mechanics (brakes).

Brand Manager

Works to enhance the 'brand' of rail organisations so their brand remains favourable to customers. Typically, you would require a degree in marketing or advertising.

Bus or Coach Driver

Drives buses, checks passenger tickets, stores luggage and ensures passengers are comfortable. Some rail networks now use buses as part of their rail transport system. Contact with the public is an important part of the work. You can work as a driver without formal qualifications, but employers usually require you to have at least Year 10 and you will need a special driver's licence after training.

Business Analyst

Analyses an organisation's strategic business needs including defining and analysing policies, market business approaches and interpreting business rules and requirements for technical systems. Specialist areas include: ICT analysis, safety analyst and performance analyst. There is no defined way to become a business analyst, but most have a bachelor degree and rail experience such as engineering, IT or accounting.

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Business Manager

Manages business aspects within their rail organisation. This is a generic role across rail organisations, usually in middle management. Generally requires a relevant degree and significant rail or operational experience. Good people management and financial and strategic thinking required.