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With almost 200 job families in the rail industry, the A-Z provides a short description of the most common jobs found in the Australasian rail industry. Each job definition includes its job title, the main parts of the job, entrance requirements and necessary qualifications.

Facilities Management Officer

Manages and supervises commercial, industrial and retail properties that are owned or leased by rail organisation. Although no specific qualifications are required, a nationally accredited short course in property services or a VET qualification in property services (real estate) may be helpful. Requires excellent oral and written communication skills, good administration and an eye for detail.

Facilities Officer

Provides assistance to ensure the day-to-day smooth management and operation of a building's infrastructure, through administrative support. At times, you may oversee maintenance tasks. Although no formal qualifications are required, you may come from a trade or administration background. You will need to be well organised, customer-service oriented and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Ferry Driver

Pilots the ferries between New Zealand's North and South Islands. They form a part of Kiwi Rail. Qualifications are gained on the job and would include a ferry licence and a first aid qualification that needs to be updated regularly.

Financial Analyst

Uses statistical software packages to analyse financial data, spot trends, develop forecasts and measure financial risks associated with making a particular investment decision. Requires accounting or related degree and certification, such as with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA).

Financial Controller and Chief Financial Controller

A management-level position responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organisation. Requires an accounting or related degree and certification from the CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants).

Fire Officer

Responds to major emergency incidents, including rail underground, and works closely with emergency service organisations. Also assists in developing and testing of contingency plans, procedures, equipment and training. You need to be fit and cope well in dangerous situations. Relevant high school qualifications necessary and once employed, on the job and in-house training (eg. first aid) will be done. Registration or licensing is required, and in Australia, a vocational qualification in fire management (eg. Cert III Retained Fire Fighter) is highly desirable.

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Fitter and Turner

Sets up machinery to make engineering products, and installs and maintains plant and machinery e.g. crossings, switch and stock rail units. Requires a Cert III trade qualification in mechanical engineering and a trade certificate.

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Freight Liaison Officer

Helps develop timetables for freight customers. Cert IV in Transport and Distribution – Train Planning is desirable. Rail freight experience and strong problem-solving and time management skills required.