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With almost 200 job families in the rail industry, the A-Z provides a short description of the most common jobs found in the Australasian rail industry. Each job definition includes its job title, the main parts of the job, entrance requirements and necessary qualifications.

Maintenance Engineer

Manages and maintains systems relating to electrical, signalling, telecommunications, track, structures and /or rolling stock infrastructure. Requires, at minimum, diploma or higher qualification in engineering in a relevant discipline, or equivalent practical experience.

Market Researcher

Collects and analyses data and information that is valuable to a rail employer such as customer opinions and investment and marketing options. Market researchers specialise in either quantitative or qualitative research. Most employers expect you to have a relevant degree qualification (eg. market research) and skills in communication and analysis. Skills or interest in information technology literacy, psychology, business/management and geography are regarded highly.

Marketing Assistant

Assists in promoting a rail company's products and services. Supports marketing manager or marketing officer to develop and implement marketing plans. May work across departments including: financial ( tracking and approving invoices) and creative (sourcing photos and writing promotions). An entry level position and some employers may require a degree in marketing and hands-on experience.

Marketing Officer

Promotes a business, its company name, products and services. The role can include advertising, writing promotional literature, market research, communicating with the press and marketing strategies for product launches. Requires, in most cases, a bachelor degree in marketing. In smaller organisations, work experience in administration, communications, public relations, advertising and sales is highly regarded.

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Carries out mechanical work on all types of rail machinary. As a mechanic in the rail industry, you will also set up and operate tools to cut, shape and form metal stock and castings to exact sizes. Requires a Certificate III in Engineering (mechanical trade) apprenticeship.

Mechanical Engineer

Develops, designs, constructs and maintains freight and passenger rolling stock, and provides mechanical services. Requires a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. Engineers from overseas must have their degrees assessed by Engineers Australia.

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Mechanical Engineering Associate

Assists mechanical engineers and technologists with the design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of machines and mechanical equipment. Usually requires a certificate qualification in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Applies and improves the design and implementation of mechanical engineering projects. including technology, systems and procedures. Requires an engineering science or technology degree with a major in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Signaller

This is a non-trade role. Installs, tests, uses and maintains mechanical rail signalling equipment. Operates signal equipment to control running of trains, records details and reports delays and accidents. Although not a formal trade to become a mechanical signaller, you are required to have a Cert III in Mechanical Rail Signalling. This is a popular career path for infrastructure workers.

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Mechanical Trades

Maintain heavy on-track machinery including track and point regulators, overhead wiring machines, motorised and mechanised hand tools and rolling stock. They also work with hydraulics and pneumatics and electronic program logic control principles. Requires good English and numeracy skills, mechanical aptitude and a high regard for safety. To become a mechanic, you need to complete a mechanical trade (AU) or mechanical engineering (NZ) qualification plus an apprenticeship, and then up-skill through in-house or external courses and certifications.

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Mechatronics Engineer

Combines mechanical, electronic, computer, software, control, and systems design engineering to design and manufacture rail related products. Requires a degree in mechatronics or a related degree.

Metal Fabrication Trades

Metal fabrication tradespeople in rail cut, shape, join and finish metal to make, maintain or repair metal products and structures. They specialise as boiler makers (heavy fabrication), sheet metal workers (light fabrication) and welders. In Australia, you need a mechanical trade qualification such as the Cert III in Engineering - Fabrication trade (Boilermaking/Welding) and complete an apprenticeship. You need good English and maths. In NZ, generally a NTEA1 is required for entrance into a trade. Further in-house and external courses may be necessary as technology changes. Other tickets, certification, registration and licences may be required to work in the rail corridor.

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Metal Fabricator

Includes boilermaking, blacksmithing and welding to cut, shape, join and finish metal to make, maintain or repair metal products and structures. To be a metal fabricator, a Certificate III in Fabrication (Trade) apprenticeship and a trade certificate are required.

Misconduct Investigations Offiicer

Investigates claims of misconduct, or breaches against codes of conduct, by rail employees. These claims are made by fellow employees or the public. A misconduct investigations officer may have a background in policing or security. They must have excellent verbal and written communication, and strong administration, research and writing skills.

Multimedia Specialist

Combines design and technical knowledge to create information and communication technology (ICT) based products eg. CD-ROMS, DVDs, websites, and interactive marketing or promotional materials. You will need coding experience (eg with CSS and HTML design), and be familiar with Adobe products and video editing programs. Requires, at minimum, qualifications in information technology, programing and web development or even a post graduate qualification. Often, further training is provided on the job.