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Some organisations have introduced part-time train drivers to encourage women to enter train driving careers.

Occupation description

Presentation service attendants are responsible for keeping trains (and sometimes station platforms) clean. They clean passenger trains by removing rubbish, sweeping and mopping carriages and removing graffiti inside and outside trains. They perform major or heavy cleaning on trains and clean amenities (rest rooms) and offices.

Knowledge, skills and attributes

As a presentation service attendant, you must have good communication skills and the ability to work quickly and without supervision as part of a small team. You need to be fit and strong, enjoy practical work, be methodical, honest and reliable and able to bend, stand and lift. You must have a positive customer focus and a strong regard for safety.

Working conditions

Presentation service attendants are often on their feet for long periods of time and work indoors and outdoors. They are required to work overtime and shift work, including weekends. They may have to work early in the morning or at night.

Entry requirements and ongoing training and development

There are no specific requirements, however most organisations will require completion of relevant secondary school qualifications. Much of what you need to know will be learnt on the job and through in-house training courses. However, in Australia there are vocational qualifications in asset maintenance (Cleaning Operations) which may be offered as a traineeship.

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The value of a career in the rail industry

For even more details on what you might earn, the diversity of companies you could work for and the career opportunities available, visit the following careers and training websites. Careers in Rail by the Australasian Railway Association, About the Rail Industry by Rail Skills Australasia and Rail Training by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC).

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Career paths

Your career will take different turns depending on your stage in life and personal circumstances. However, some larger rail organisations may offer a recognised career path for cleaners who may progress with experience and further training to being a supervisor or training others. You may be eligible to apply for training programs outside of presentation services such as train driving. In Australia, there are related vocational qualifications that may assist your career path including qualifications in asset management, cleaning operations, passenger services and rail operations.

This information is generic. Job titles and the experience and qualifications needed to move into other jobs may vary depending on the structure and needs of your organisation and government rules and regulations.

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Career Path Flowchart

Typical career path for a presentation service attendant